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PIMS is easy to install on Windows, OSX, or Linux. Its dependencies are:

For basic image reading one of the following is required:

For ipython display of images the following are required:

Depending on what file formats you want to read, you will also need:

  • ffmpeg and PyAV (video formats such as AVI, MOV)
  • jpype (interface with bioformats to support many microscopy formats)
  • Pillow (improved TIFF support)
  • libtiff (alternative TIFF support)
  • tifffile (alterative TIFF support)
  • imageio (a multi-purpose reader package that reads and writes many formats)
  • moviepy (a Python module that supports video editing)
  • pims_nd2 (improved Nikon .nd2 support)

Development version

To install the version under active development, with the latest tested code, install directly from github.

conda install pip
pip install


PIMS can also be installed using pip.

pip install pims


If you plan to edit the code, you can install PIMS manually.

git clone
cd pims
python develop